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Travel tips are probably the best way to consider before visiting the Komodo Dragons. Visit the Komodo National Park has never been easier. There are a lot of things you should prepare well before joining the adventure.travel tips komodo dragons

Through the travel trips, you will find out things you should do and not do during in Komodo National Park. The Island of Flores, Sumba, and Alor are also our priority destinations to offer. These islands offer colorful cultures, beautiful natures, and beaches.

Here bellows are some travel tips for your best holiday planning, especially to Komodo National Park. It may useful thing to know before you do the trip.

travel tips

Komodo Travel Tips:

  • The best time to visit Komodo National Park is during the dry season, from April to September. Otherwise, you can also do the year due to the Indonesia climate change.

  • Prepare everything such as Visas and Travel Insurance. Not all agencies provide you with travel insurance during the trip.

  • Book the early flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo if you are not preferred to stay in Labuan Bajo.

  • Make sure you are in good condition, physically and mentally.

  • Make a booking in advance; choose a legitimate travel company with a proven track record.

  • Do not try to go alone, find a partner or at least join the Komodo group sharing tour. It will be much fun to have this adventure with some friends.

  • The woman on their period and pregnant are not allowed joining the tour, especially for the Komodo Island tour.

  • Komodo Dragons are most living on Rinca and Komodo Island.

  • Make sure you are always with your Rangers during the Komodo Adventure. Do not try to go separate from your group.

  • Baby Komodo are often on the trees, keep watch during the trip. They seem to be faster and much aggressive.

  • Keep silent during the Komodo adventure, do not scream and speak load.

  • Do not touch or steep the corals during you do the snorkeling on Komodo National Park.

  • Do not leave any trash on the Islands during the tour

  • Most of the Snorkeling and Diving spots on the Komodo National have a strong current, make sure you go with your Guide.

travel tips komodoBest Things you can do on Komodo National Park:

  • Snorkeling on Manajarite, Kanawa, Manta Point, and many more spots.

  • Diving on one of the world-class diving spots.

  • Hiking on Padar Island, Kanawa, and Kelor Island

  • Komodo Adventure on Rinca and Komodo Island

  • Sunset and flying fox watching on Kalong Island

  • Swimming and relaxing on the Pink Beach

There are many more activities you can do, ask your Komodo tour Guide for details.

As a legitimate company, we offer slight Komodo tours with professional teamwork and entertainment. We ensure that you will have a great experience during the Komodo National Park tour.

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