The Climate

komodo national climateIndonesia has 2 seasons in a year, dry season and rainy season. The climate-changing has an impact on the tourism sector of Indonesia. And it also has a big impact on East Indonesia tourism, especially Komodo National Park and beyond.

On Komodo National Park, the climate is tropical, hot all year-round with the muggy. The Rainy season is mostly coming from December to March and the dry season is coming from June to September. The fact is the climate is particularly changing all over Indonesia, so not all rainy or dry season is really coming.

In the rainy season, the sun is sunning in a few hours in a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. The temperature is quite uniform and high throughout the year. The least hot period is from June to August, and the hottest period is from September to November.

Temperature Average

elang flores Komodo climateIn the hottest season, the temperature can reach 35 – 370C. And in the rainy season, high humidity makes the heat muggy. The minimum temperature on Komodo National Park can reach 21ºc.

On Komodo National Park, there is plenty of sunshine in the dry season. While in the rainy season the sun is shining in a few hours a day. It much happens from November to March.

The Sea Temperature

The sea in Komodo is warm enough to swim all year. The water temperature ranges from 270C, between July and September. And 290C between November and May.

The sea from January to the middle of April is most rough. It can be affected by tropical cyclones formed on the Timor Sea. And then move to Southwest between Sunda Island and Australia.

The Climate Effect

padar Komodo climateThe changing climate in Indonesia has a big impact on the tourism sector. It also has an effect on the Komodo National Park tourism activity. During the dry season, the National Park is coming light.

In the rainy season, especially from October to March, there will no so much activity. The windy, big wave is mostly happening between December to March. So if you plan to visit Komodo National Park, try not to plan during these months.