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Rinca Island, World Heritage Site

Rinca Island is part of the Komodo National Park. The location of Rinca is in the West part of Flores Island. The Island is quite similar to Komodo Island, very dry and hot.

Rinca Island is also the homeland of Komodo Dragons, there are living about 2000 Komodo Dragons. The Island is usually visited for the Komodo dragon adventure and landscape. The sea is quite warm with beautiful small corals.

On Rinca, you will have many possibilities to see Komodo dragons in the wild; they have become more active here. When you visit the island, make sure you go with your guide and ranger. It is not easy work to hike in the hot temperature, so you need to prepare yourself well.

World Heritage Site Island

Rinca is the home of Komodo Dragons; it is part of Komodo National Park. The island has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. On Rinca, you will hike for Komodo adventure and other wildlife.

Komodo National Park was declared a World Heritage site in 1991 as a biosphere reserve under UNESCO. Nowadays the Island of Rinca become a popular tourist destination, especially for Komodo adventure. It is always the best choice for most travelers.

Rinca Island Destination

Getting to Rinca Island

Flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo, and then get on the boat trip. If you take a morning flight at 07.00 am from Bali, then you can do a direct trip. We offer direct tour packages on the same day you arrive in Labuan Bajo.

Taking a boat trip, full-day or liveaboard tour are the best ways to get to Rinca. The island is approximately 2 hours from Labuan Bajo. It can be less than 2 hours if you get on the speed boat.

At the moment, there is no other way of getting to Rinca Island, the island is only accessed with the boat trip. Through this website, you can choose a variety of Komodo tour packages. A private tour is the best choice to spend a lot of time on the island.

Expect to do it on the Island

Rinca Island is the home where approximately 2000 Komodo dragons are living. The main activity of visiting this Island is to spot the Komodo Dragons. Besides the Komodo Dragons adventure, you can also hike for a beautiful landscape.

On the Island, you can also find other species of wildlife, such as deer, birds, buffalos, and many more. You will have to do soft trekking for 2 hours to find Komodo and the other wildlife. On top of the island, you will find the stunning Islands view around Rinca.

Take pictures is also the best thing you can do on the island. Set your camera for Komodo Dragons pictures, birds, deer, and landscape views. Back to the pier, you will probably find some Komodo dragons on the beachside, you may take pictures.

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