Komodo National Park

komodo dragon komodo national parkKomodo National Park is the group of Islands that lies in the North of Flores Island. These islands are part of the Lesser Sunda chain. They are lies between substantially large neighboring islands Sumbawa to the east and Flores to the east.

The Komodo National Park consists of 3 big islands, they are Rinca Island, Komodo Island, and Padar Island. Komodo Island and Rinca are particularly notable as the habitat of the Komodo dragon. There are also 26 small islands on the National Park, the total area is 1.733 km, 603km of its land.

The national park was founded in 1980 to protect the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard. Later it was dedicated to protecting other species, including marine species. In 1991 the national park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Komodo National Park has been selected as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The waters surrounding Komodo island contain rich marine biodiversity. Komodo islands are also a part of the Coral Triangle, which contains some of the richest marine biodiversity on Earth.

The largest lizard on Earth which is named after the Komodo island. Komodo Island was found by the Dutch Sailor in the 1910s, and then they do the research. The research was finally published in 1912. They named the giant lizard Varanus Komodoensis.

The Komodo National Park is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was declared a World Heritage Site in 1991. The park was initially established to conserve the unique Komodo dragon.

komodo national park rincaGetting There

Komodo National Park is accessible by boat cruises and high-speed boat from Labuan Bajo.

Here below are the way how to get to the Island:

  • Take a flight from Bali or Jakarta to Labuan Bajo Airport in West Manggarai. And then book a boat trip from Labuan Bajo.
  • Join a phinisi cruise boat from Bali or Lombok. The sail is approximately 4 to 5 days; depending on the program offering by the company. You will stop to some islands such as Moyo, Kanawa, and many more.
  • Get on Pelni, a big ship which departs 2 times in a month from Bali and Lombok. And join our Komodo Island trip from Labuan Bajo.
  • Bus and ferry from Bali and Lombok to Labuan Bajo. And then take a boat trip from Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park.

Things To Do on Komodo National Park

padar island komodo national parkKomodo National Park is well known as the home of Komodo Dragons. There are living more than 3.000 Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island, Rinca, and some small islands like Gili Motang. There is also other wildlife such as deer, wild pigs, buffalo, and many more.

Here are things to do and see on Komodo National Park:

  • Hiking on the Komodo or Rinca island for a Komodo Dragons
  • Visit the Villagers on Komodo Island
  • Snorkeling on Manta Point, Manjarite, and other places
  • Hiking on iconic Padar Island, Gili Lawa, and Kelor Island

You can also visit the popular beach, Pink Beach on the Northside of the Island. Swimming, snorkeling, and relax on the beautiful coral fragmentation beach. For more details about getting to the Park, you can check the Komodo island tour packages.

Accommodations and Restaurants

There are no accommodations on the island, so when you do the trip, you will stay on the boat. Komodo village is the small village for fishermen on the island.

Restaurants, especially Western foods are not available on this island, there are local foods. No shop, only Warung and Kios for small shopping such as snacks and waters.

Most of the boat tours prepare everything you need, especially food on the boat. They prepare the 3 times meals a day and mineral water as well. If you need some big shopping for your trip, you need to buy in Labuan Bajo before the departure.