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Komodo Dive Sites

komodo dive sitesThe Komodo dive sites offer an amazing and colorful underwater marine life. Not only the dragons and beautiful sightseeing, but Komodo National Park also offer the world-class dive sites. There are more than 20 dive sites in Komodo National Park.

Scuba diving around the Komodo National Park is just a great diving experience in your life. You will find a great variety of fishes, untouched coral reefs. Big fishes hunting action, pelagic fishes will find in every dive site.

There is numerous of whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, you can also spot the Grey Shark and Hammerhead Shark. Another spot you can visit is Manta Point, dive on the peaceful Manta Reys spot. The best time to visit them is in the raining season, October to April every year.

komodo dive sites clawn fishRecommend Komodo Dive Sites

Here below are the recommendation of dive sites:

  • Castle Rock is the amazing dive sites with the huge pinnacle underwater with the top at 4 m deep. The site has good visibility, but need to be careful with the strong current.

  • Batu Bolong is the world-class dive site. There is a giant rock, going deep for 70 m, and the rock is full of Marine Life. Some huge schools of fishes found on the surface. The visibility is outstanding at 20 m and more, amazing hard and soft corals. Many pelagic fishes such as dogtooth tuna, giant trevallies, and napoleon wrasse are hunting around the divers. Whitetip shark also finds if you go deep.

  • Tatawa Kecil is a small island. It offers a magical dive site for drifting, but the current is strong enough here. You will see many fishes such as Barracuda, bath fish, giant trevally, and many more. Numerous a shark patrolling in the area. Manta Rays and dugong are also finding here.

  • Manta Alley dive site is the best place to dive with Manta Reys. The best time to visit is September to January, the possibility to see Manta about 20 in one dive. There are also reef shark, school of giant travelers, and many more find here.

  • Langkoi Rock dive site is the most extreme dive site in Komodo National Park.

The above dive sites are only recommendations for advance divers or professional divers, not recommended for the beginners.

komodo dive sites mantaHow to Get There?

The best way to visit the dive sites is by joining the dive trip from Labuan Bajo. At Komodo touristic, you will find a variety of Komodo dive packages. From day trip dives to the liveaboard dive packages.

We are working directly with the professional dive centers in Labuan Bajo. We selected carefully the best dive packages for your great diving skills. If you need more info about dive sites, you can contact us directly.

For the details of dive sites, our professional divemaster will explain to you the briefing before the departure. We provide the local divemasters and foreigners, all of them are well diving background.


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