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Kelor Island, Chilling on White Sand Beaches

Kelor island is one of the most beautiful islands located within the Komodo National Park. It takes about one hour by boat from Labuan Bajo. An uninhabited island where you can hop for a few activities on your Komodo island trip. Most tour arrangements to Komodo will include the island as one of the destinations to visit.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful vibe, this island is one of the very recommended to visit. However, you can not stay on the island as there is no accommodation. Komodo boat tours will also not stay on this island, they are only how for a couple of hours for the activities.

The best time to visit the island is from April to December. July to August will be the busy season and the island is more crowded. If you want to enjoy a peaceful on the island, it is recommended to visit between April to June or September to December.

Kelor Island Komodo National Park

The Best Activities to Do on Kelor Island

If you plan to visit Kelor island on your, you may take the following activities to do while on the island. The island offers beautiful beaches, stunning views, and amazing underwater marine life.

What to experience on the island are snorkeling, swimming, hiking, and lounging on the white sand beach. These are perfect to do on the island. The best to do all the activities is by joining the private Komodo tour package, so you will manage your time on the island.

If you love to enjoy the amazing underwater, you may take a snorkeling tour. Enjoy beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish. You can also relax on the beach afterward.

Hiking on Kelor Island is also the best to do. You will enjoy a beautiful view of the island's surroundings. Trek for a couple of minutes to the top of the island and enjoy the view.

Kelor Island Destination

How to Get to the Island?

The only way to get there is by using a boat tour from Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is a small town located on the western tip of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is the main gateway to starting a Komodo island tour package.

The first thing your will need to do is book a flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo. There are daily flights operating between Bali and Labuan Bajo. Getting to Labuan Bajo from Bali will take about one hour by flight.

Once you arrive in Labuan Bajo, you will have to manage a boat tour. Otherwise, you can make an advance booking for better arrangements. The team from the Komodo island tour package will manage all the way from the airport to the boat tour. And then continue to start a trip to Kelor Island. This is a much perfect way to do it.

The trip to Kelor island will include visiting other destinations in Komodo National Park. For the best experience to explore, take a liveaboard tour for 3 days and 2 nights from Labuan Bajo. Otherwise, a one-day tour is also the best option to visit Kelor island.

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