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Kalong Island, Thousand Foxes Island

Kalong Island is a small island between Rinca Island and Papagarang in Komodo National Park. The island is famous for the thousands of foxes Island which is flying over the island when the sunset. The foxes have homed the island and are coming out in the evening.

Kalong Island is also known as Mangrove Island, you will see the mangrove almost cover the island. You will enjoy the island vibe which also offers crystal clear water. It is one of the peaceful islands in Komodo National Park to spend.

Once you arrive on the Island, you will never miss home. A beautiful sunset and the foxes flying over the island are waiting. The island is pure nature, the best vibration for your Komodo National Park vacation.

Getting to Kalong Island

Here is how to get to Kalong Island:

  • Flight from Bali (Denpasar International Airport) or Jakarta to Labuan Bajo
  • Getting on the Komodo boat tour from Labuan Bajo

There are a variety of tour packages you can take such as 2 days Komodo tour and many more. For the best arrangement, you can book your Komodo tours online with us in advance. We are the only independent and legitimate travel company for Komodo Island tours.

The tour package to Kalong is most cover with the other island surroundings, such as Padar and Rinca Island. Liveaboard is the best choice if you expect to see the flying foxes and enjoy the island more. Private and shared tours are great to visit the island.

Interesting Places nearby:

  • Komodo Island
  • Rinca Island
  • Padar Island
  • Pink Beach

A thousand Foxes Island

Kalong is well known as the foxes Island in Komodo National Park. The best time to see them is when the sundown, it is every day. Here bellows are complete thing you can do on the thousands of Foxes Island:

  • Having sunset
  • Watch the Foxes fly over the island
  • Enjoy the crystal clear water

For the liveaboard tour packages, you will overnight on the boat in Kalong. So you will have a lot of time to enjoy the island.

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