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kelimutu floresFlores or Pulau Flores (Indonesia) is an island in the East Nusa Tenggara province. It is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, a group of Islands in the Eastern half of Indonesia. The largest city on the island is Maumere.

According to the census in 2010, the populations on the Island were 1.931.000. The name Flores is derived from the Portuguese for Flowers. The locals also called the Island “Pulau Bunga”.

Flores is located east of Sumbawa and Komodo islands, west of Lembata Island, and the Alor Archipelago. To the southeast is Timor. To the south, across the Sumba Strait, is Sumba Island and to the north, beyond the Flores Sea, is Sulawesi.

Getting to Flores Island

The best way to get to the island is by taking a flight from Bali or Jakarta; here are the flight companies:

  • Garuda Indonesia
  • NAM Air
  • Wings Air
  • Lion Air
  • Transnusa
  • Air Asia

flores spider rice fieldThe other options you can get to the island are getting on the slow ferry from Bali, Lombok, and Sape. You can also get on the Pelni, the biggest ship which runs 2 times every month from Bali or Lombok.

Here are 7 Airports in total from the West to the East of the Island:
  1. Komodo Airport in Labuan Bajo (West Manggarai)
  2. Frans Sales Lega in Ruteng (Central Manggarai)
  3. Pahdamaleda Airport in Bajawa
  4. Ture Lelo Soa in Bajawa
  5. H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport in Ende
  6. Frans Xavier Seda Airport in Maumere
  7. Gewayantana Airport in Larantuka

Here are the 5 harbors on the island:
  1. Larantuka Harbor

  2. Labuan Bajo Harbor, West Manggarai

  3. Bung Karno Harbor Ende

  4. Ippi Harbor Ende

  5. Lorosay Harbor, Sikka

flores islandActivity and Things to Do

Flores is widely one of the main tourist destinations in Bali Nusa Tenggara. Not only does Komodo National Park, but the island also offers beautiful sights, lakes, cultures, mountains, and many more.

Here are some recommended places you can visit:
  • Kelimutu Lake in Ende

  • Bena Village in Bajawa

  • Soa hot spring in Bajawa

  • Koka Beach in Maumere

  • Labuan Bajo in Manggarai

  • Wae Rebo village in Manggara

  • Komodo National Park in Manggarai

  • 17 Islands Riung in Bajawa

There are many more places to visit; you can join our tour packages arrangement for details. The most developed tourist destination at the moment is Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai. It is the gateway to visiting Komodo National Park.

Best things to do:
  • Tours and sightseeing

  • Trekking and adventures

  • Cultures research

  • Enjoy traditional foods, coffee, and Local wine

  • Enjoy the beautiful underwater life in 17 islands Riung

Many things you can do on the island. Our Guide ensures that you will be happy during the visit to Flores. Our next destination Komodo Island is also our best offer for your holiday.

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