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alor kepa islandAlor is an island in the East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It lies at the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands that run through southeastern Indonesia. From the west include such islands as Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, and Flores.

Kalabahi is the only town on the island with a population of about 60.000. Alor is of volcanic origin and has a very rugged terrain. The region near Kalabahi is the only flat area and is the location of the capital and main harbor.

The inhabitants practice mainly subsistence agriculture. The government seeks to change this with the help of international organizations. The latest geological explorations discover valuable resources such as gypsum, kaolin, petroleum, natural gas, tin, gold, and diamonds.

Getting to Alor Island

Getting to Alor is a bit long way because there is no direct flight from Bali or Jakarta to Alor. All flight is via Kupang, the East Nusa Tenggara Province. The Airport's name in Alor is Alor Mali Airport.

All the incoming and outgoing flights are thus via Kupang Airport first, and then to Alor Mali Airport. The flights to Alor operate 3 to 4 times a day.

Here are the flights serve to Alor:
  • Wings Air (Lion Air group)
  • NAM Air

There is no flight that serves direct from Labuan Bajo, Maumere, and Makasar. So all you need to do is get on the flight from Bali or Jakarta.

Expect to Do and See

Alor diveAlor is famous for its world-class diving sites. Far away from mass tourism in Indonesia, Alor may be one of the best Indonesian diving spots. This peaceful heaven also offers magical landscapes and beautiful beaches.

Of volcanic origin, the island of Alor offers a variety of diving sites and beautiful corals. The surrounding water is particularly rich in nutrients and favors the development of many species.

Best things to do and see:
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Tours and sightseeing
Here are the best-recommended dive sites:
  • The Arch dive site. This site has all the attributes of an exceptional dive spot. Indeed, it is around an immense geological formation in the form of an arch nearly ten meters high. This wonderful natural masterpiece houses varied fauna and rich flora.
  • Max’s Point. Here you will be able to observe large marbled rays, magnificent unicorn fishes, imposing Mola-Mola, dolphins, and gigantic blue whales.
  • Red Wall is from underwater volcanic activity. You will see many small red craters from which to escape small gas bubbles. You will find magnificent sea bream, nudibranchs, sea snakes, and fusiliers.
  • Wolang Cave is in the south of Alor and is made of two magnificent caverns. At the first cave, there are living white tips sharks. They also have a large room in which the divers can emerge. The second cavern is with sponges and there are numerous fishes, lobsters, crabs, and nudibranchs.
  • Kal's Dream is probably the most famous site in the area. It is a large pinnacle known for its barracudas. There are also immense moray eels and blacktip sharks. Sometimes you can find large hammerhead sharks here. It’s very colorful corals and a great variety of fish. Moreover, the site is not dived a lot and you could manage to dive alone with your divemaster.
  • Current Alley is a high-current diving spot. You can find many large fishes like hammerhead sharks, immense trevallies, Grey sharks, and many more. Devil rays and eagle rays also visit the dive spot.

alor island diveHere are the best places to visit:

  • Kepa Island is on the Southwest tip of Alor. It is the home to the lovely La P’tite Kepa. You can get there by a small local boat from the mainland. The island offers the best snorkeling spot and a beautiful beach.
  • Biantal Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls; it takes about 4 hours from Kalabahi. There is a beautiful forest before you get to the waterfall.
  • Takpala Village is the most traditional village around Kalabahi. The village is set with 12 houses, more or less in a single row. There are also 4 levels in each house.
  • Tuti Hot Spring is a collection of thermal springs roughly an hour from Kalabahi. A little past the village of Bukapiling.

There are many more places to visit; you can book the Alor tour for your best holiday in Alor. Our teams are working professionally in arranging the best activities to do.

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