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Combination Packages

  • 5D4N Trip to Wae Rebo Village and Komodo

    5D4N Trip to Wae Rebo Village and Komodo

    Type : Combination Tour

    Duration : 5 Days 4 Nights

    Departure : Labuan Bajo

    Price from

    5D4N Trip to Wae Rebo Village and Komodo

    From: $ 696.55 More Details
  • 7 Days Flores Komodo Tour Package

    7 Days Flores Komodo Tour Package

    Type : Overland Combination Tour

    Duration : 7 Days 6 Night

    Departure : Maumere Airport

    Price from

    7 Days Flores Komodo Tour Package

    From: $ 1,910.00 More Details

Combination packages are the gateway to see all the amazing places in Komodo, Flores, Alor, and Sumba. This combination of tour packages will mix activities between 2 and 3 islands in one Package. For example the 5-day Flores Komodo Tour, this tour package combines activities between Flores and Komodo National Park. Combination Packages

This tour package is recommended for those who love adventure. It is the best choice if you want to explore the Lesser Sunda Islands. You need to prepare everything in advance such as physical, time, and many more.

Exploring the lesser Sunda Islands will never be easier, it takes a long time to prepare. Our professional teams will help you find the best for your great vacation, especially for the combination packages. Go to the search and choose the tours you want to book.

Selection of Tour Packages

We only offer the best selection of tour packages on each island to combine. The combined tour between Flores Island and Komodo National Park is our best-seller at the moment. You can choose to do a 7-day tour, a 5-day tour, or choose a custom by yourself.

The other best-combined tour that we offer is a 13-day Sumba Flores Komodo National Park tour. These are the longest tour packages that are exploring the West to East Sumba. Then continue to explore Flores from East to West Flores island, Labuan Bajo. After that, explore Komodo National Park for the Komodo Dragons, beaches, underwater world, and hiking.

Below are our best Combination Tour Packages:
  • 7 Days Komodo Flores Explore
  • 5 Day Flores Komodo Tour
  • 13 Days Sumba Flores Komodo Explore

There are many more tour combinations on Komodo Touristic, you are also welcome to customize your own itinerary. However, we recommend taking the above tour packages. We have selected the best for your great holiday planning.

Expected from Combination Packages

Take a Sumba explorer, Flores, and Komodo National Park, you will expect to do:

  • Visit the authentic traditional houses of Sumba, Flores (Ende, Bajawa, and Manggarai).
  • See Culture and the people
  • Waterfalls tour
  • Sightseeing
  • Beaches
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Snorkeling and swimming
  • Komodo Dragons adventure

There are many more activities to do, see all the detailed itineraries of each package. This is a different activity for each package. We will ensure that our teams are working professionally for your best vacation.

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