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Speed Boat

Speed Boat

  • East Cruise Private Speedboat Charter

    East Cruise Private Speedboat Charter

    Type : Half-Day Private Charter

    Duration : 8-10 Hours

    Departure : Labuan Bajo

    Price from

    $ 1,110.00 More Details
  • Ilario Komodo High Speed Yacht

    Type : High-Speedboat

    Duration : Min. 1 Day

    Departure : Labuan Bajo

    Price from

    $ 1,880.00 More Details
  • Aquamarine Speedboat Charter

    Type : High-Speedboat

    Duration : Min. 1 Day

    Departure : Labuan Bajo

    Price from

    $ 1,880.00 More Details

The speed boat is a perfect choice if you want to do a short Komodo Island exploring. Our high-speed boat offers the full day Komodo exploring. We also offer the 2 days or more, but you will not overnight on the boat. So you will spend 8 to 10 hours exploring each day, and then back to Labuan Bajo.

We provide 2 types of high-speed yachts, the standard, and the luxury yacht. The standard boat will only provide some specific facilities such as toilets, and the boat design itself is using standard materials. All the boats are comfortable for the Komodo full day exploring.

The luxuries high-speed yacht provides the high standard facilities, such as Air conditioner, toilet, and many more. Also the boat design, body, and interior are luxuries; the services are also high standard. It is much comfortable with the luxury touch of our team.

Best Komodo Speed Boat Charters

All of the speed boat lists on our site are the best selections with the professional boat crews. We ensure that you will have a great Komodo exploring with our best selection boats. Here below are our recommend Komodo speed boat charter:

  • Aquamarine high-speed yacht

  • Ilario high-speed yacht

Those above boats are the best recommendation for your great full day Komodo explore. These luxury boats are departing daily from Labuan Bajo. Space is depending on the availability, check through the search box for details.

speed boat charterAt the moment our speed boat charters are only available for Komodo National Park exploring. We do not provide for any other routes. Make a booking in advance to keep your space, especially for the peak season, between July to August every year.

The Places to visit

Here below are the most places to visit on your Komodo day trip:

  • Komodo Island

  • Rinca Island

  • Kanawa Island

  • Padar Island

  • Red Beach/Pink sandy beach

  • Manta Point or Taka Makasar

  • Manjarite Beach

  • Kelor Island

The above places are the most recommended. There are some more places you can visit. It depends on your time to spend.

Most of the visitors spend 8 to 10 hours at Komodo National Park. You can book the Komodo private speedboat online. We offer slightly best price for a convenient Komodo trip.

Note: You may custom the places to visit, just let us know if you want that way.

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