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10 Best Dive Sites in Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is famous for being the home of over 2000 Komodo dragons. There are two main islands where the Komodo are inhabitants, Rinca and Komodo island. Besides the famous Komodo dragons, the national park also offers amazing underwater marine life. There are 10 best dive sites in Komodo National Park that you can explore.

The 10 Best Dive Sites in Komodo National Park

For your best dive experience in Komodo National Park, we will list the 10 best dive sites in Komodo National Park on this page. You can choose one of these recommended if you plan to do dives in Komodo. Otherwise, the dive operators will probably have specific sites to visit.

The following are recommended Komodo dive sites to visit:

  1. Batu Bolong is one of the famous dive sites in Komodo National Park. It is a world-class dive site where you can see dogtooth tuna, white sharks, giant trevallies, and napoleon wrasse. Besides the variety of fish the site also offers beautiful coral reefs. Turtles are also found in Batu Bolong.
  2. Tatawa Besar is the site where the Manta Rays are easy to find in the shallow water during the rainy season. At this point, you can also find soft coral reefs. What you can expect to see on this site are angel fish, eagle rays, turtles, sweet lip fish, and cuttlefish.
  3. Castle Rock is one of the big pinnacles underwater with deep of 4 meters. There you can find grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, groupers, manta rays, and giant trevallies. This site has strong currant, therefore you have to be careful once diving on this spot.
  4. Manta Alley is a dive site where you will find schools of manta rays, reef sharks, groupers, and giant trevally. The best time to see the Manta rays here is from September to January. But should be careful as the current is very strong here.
  5. Lighthouse is located in the north of Komodo island. It is one of the best-recommended dive sites in Komodo National Park. Lighthouse has amazing underwater marine life. There you can spot black tip and white tip sharks, napoleon wrasses, and manta rays. You will also enjoy the amazing coral reefs on this spot.
  6. Tatawa Kecil is one of the best dive spots to visit. It is a small island where you can enjoy amazing underwater marine life. Here you can find colorful fish, sea snakes, nudibranchs, and manta rays. Sharks and dugongs are also found here. Enjoy diving with amazing coral reefs.
  7. Police Corner is one of the best dive sites to visit in Komodo National Park. This dive site is only for experienced divers. You will find white and black tip sharks at the deep of 40 meters. Amazing coral reefs are also found on this dive site.
  8. Yellow Wall is a perfect dive site for both, day dive and night dive trips. There are colorful poisonous sea urchins, soft corals, Spanish dancers, and bright red sea apples. You can also find lobsters and cleaner shrimps on this spot.
  9. Karang Makasar or Manta Point. These sites are best to spot Manta rays. Besides that, you will also find bamboo sharks, eagle rays, marble rays, and bump head parrot fish.
  10. Siaba Kecil is recommended dive site for advanced divers. The site is the fastest drift dive in Komodo National Park. On this spot, you will find giant trevally, turtles, and Mandarin fish. you will also enjoy the beautiful coral reefs.

Best Time to Join Komodo Dive Trips

Indonesia has two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season is coming from October to March and the rainy season is coming from April to September. For leisure activities, it is better to visit during the dry season. Meanwhile, if you want to do a dive, you can join during any season in Indonesia.

The best dive conditions are from March to October. You can visit in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. And the best visibility is from November to January.

If you want to see a lot of Manata Rays, you can join the dive during December, January, and February. These months will probably the rough sea conditions, however, you can still join the dive.

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